I am a composer

with experience in the film, TV, and theatre industries.

I have worked alongside inspiring producers, sound designers and composers such as Nicolas Becker, Agoria, Jérôme Rebotier.

My goal is to help you create memorable, moving music that will stand out and make your project shine.


a musician

graduated with a Master's degree from IMEP (Berklee Global Partners).

I continued my studies at the Paris Conservatory where I refined my skills in film scoring.

and a storyteller

Three things lead me to film music:

my passion for storytelling, my sensitivity to emotions, and my curiosity for styles of music.

· I have been involved in the improv theatre scene for 20 years

· NVC (Nonviolent Communication) and IFS (Internal Family Systems) practitioner

·  I'm constantly exploring in depth jazz harmony, pop arrangement, orchestration and electronic music production


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